Sony Xperia T and Sony Xperia TX get Android 4.0.4 update with added features

Sony Xperia T and Sony Xperia TX get Android 4.0.4 update with added features
The James Bond phone, the Sony Xperia T, is in the midst of receiving an update to Android 4.0.4 and the update includes a button that releases nails from the tailpipe of your car to slow down anyone tailing you some new features that should be welcomed by owners of the device. The update is rolling out right now in Europe and Asia and also includes the Sony Xperia TX. The update brings to the phones, Miracast Screen Mirroring which allows you to view your Sony Xperia T or Sony TX interface right on a compatible television using Wi-Fi.

Another feature that the update is bringing to the phones is the Extended Standby mode. This increases the standby time for the battery by a rather hefty four times by shutting down non-essential apps, Wi-Fi and data traffic. This happens after the phone has been in sleep mode for a while. Calls messaging and notifications will still work. Once you touch the screen to bring it back to life, total functionality is restored.

Sony's media apps are also improved with the update. The Movies app now allows you to control the "show" from the dashboard with a small viewing window. The interface on the WALKMAN app has a new user interface which changes colors to match the album art. The Album app, similar to a photo gallery, now uses a Bravia engine to improve the contrast, sharpness and depth in photos and videos.

According to Sony, the Sony Xperia T supports HD Voice which it modestly calls, "the most significant voice quality upgrade in mobile history; transmitting a broader spectrum of the human voice resulting in a more natural sound filtering out distracting background noise." Voices are easier to understand and are clearer. Which means that you will be able to hear your new orders loud and clear from "Q", right Mr. Bond?

source: Sony via MobileBurn

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