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We reviewed the Sony WF-1000X earphones not too long ago, earning positive remarks for its noise cancellation, preset equalizer settings, and much more. They were so impressive that they managed to make it onto our list of best true wireless headphones of 2017. At CES 2018, however, Sony is going the extra step by introducing another pair of true wireless headphones meant for fitness and active users – the Sony WF-SP700N. 

It's instantly noticeable that these new true wireless headphones have an affinity for active users, evident in its sportier design and IPX4 rating. That alone was something missing from the WF-1000X, so having it here with the WF-SP700N makes a clear line as to how the two headphones are different. We quickly tried them on, and we think that the fit is ample enough for the most intensive workouts – thanks in part to the snug fit in the ear, as well as these winged tips that will help to keep them fastened. 

Just like the WF-1000X, the WF-SP700N also leverages Sony's Ambient Sound Modes, which not only allow for noise cancellation, but this feature allows ambient sound around you to pass through the headphones. Ultimately, it's supposed to allow you to hear things around you, like someone speaking to you, without having the need to take off the headphones. On top of that, we're happy to see Sony has shifted away from the ugly battery case we saw with the WF-1000X, opting instead to have a squarish shaped case that's more compact in size. 

Sony mentions that the headphones can achieve up to 3 hours of battery life from a full charge, while the battery case will deliver another 3 charges. And lastly, Google Assistant will come to the headphones in a future software update, so the package for the WF-SP700N seems really good. The Sony WF-SP700N is slated for release in the spring, with a retail price of $180.

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