Sony Ericsson treats four of its smartphones to a boot loader unlock

Sony Ericsson treats four of its smartphones to a boot loader unlock
Great news for all Android modders around the world comes from no other than cellphone manufacturer Sony Ericsson itself. Effective yesterday, some Android-powered Sony Ericsson smartphones can now have their boot loader unlocked via a software tool. Even though this does not mean anything to the Average Joe, such an unlock will now enable software developers to easily try out their homebrew ROMs and custom OS tweaks without the need for any elaborate hacking procedures.

Only certain releases of four Sony Ericsson devices are eligible for a boot loader unlock right now, namely the Xperia PLAY, arc, pro, and the neo. However, it is quite possible for upcoming smartphones to join the list of modder-friendly handsets. In a nutshell, the unlocking procedure goes like this: you provide SE with your name, email address, and the smartphone's IMEI number, after which you will be able to download all the software needed for the boot loader unlock to be performed.

Of course, Sony Ericsson does not forget to warn you that a ton of things can go wrong. Unlocking the boot loader may have unwanted side effects like ending up with a bricked device or voiding its warranty. If you choose to proceed anyway, we urge you to be very careful, and do not forget to share your modding endeavors with us by leaving a comment below.

source: Sony Ericsson via Electricpig



1. lungfujinshin unregistered

SE owners are lucky! ive got an atrix and love it but unless we figure out the bootloader devs wont be able to make it keep up with phones in the future.

2. AndroidTroll

Posts: 359; Member since: Mar 05, 2011

Surprising move coming from Sony! This will be great for the Play

5. seeds

Posts: 48; Member since: Apr 13, 2011

maybe i will get Neo if HTC keep locked his BL

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