Sony Ericsson to reveal PlayStation phone in February?

Sony Ericsson to reveal PlayStation phone in February?
February might well be the date when wewill see the first PlayStation phone as Bert Nordberg, Sony Ericsson's CEO, wasoptimistic about the launch of a gaming-oriented phone. Add to thatNordberg's ambitions to make a lot of “noise” at the MWC inBarcelona and you get the picture. “There's a lot of smoke, and Itell you there must be a fire somewhere”, Sony Ericsson CEOmaneuvered questions like a politician when asked about the muchrumored PlayStationphone.

It is still not clear whether aPlayStation phone is actually coming out, but recent rumors suggestedthat an Android device with PlayStation functionality might carrySonyEricsson's Xperia brand "Gaming, including content, is a veryinteresting proposition", Nordberg added when asked aboutdiversifying the company's lineup.

Smartphone titles are gaining momentumdue to the smartphone platforms' popularity and the cheap price. SonyEricsson cannot be missing that. It still has to negotiate rightswith game publishers to get it done, but as Nordberg said, “thefuture might be brighter”. We certainly hope so.

source: Wall Street Journal via Engadget

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