Snapshot possibly shows off the Google+ app for Windows Phone 7

Snapshot possibly shows off the Google+ app for Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 users might be grumbling at the fact that they’re left out in the cold in regards to Google+, especially when it’s increasingly becoming popular amongst people. Not only are they missing out on a dedicated app, but to make matters worse, not everyone is able to fully utilize the mobile web site version of Google+.

We’ve heard rumors about a Google+ app coming to Windows Phone 7, but up until now, there was zero proof. Well, Kevin Marshall of Clarity Consulting, the same group that worked with the official Facebook app for WP7, posted an image on his Twitter account showing off what’s purported to be the Google+ app running on an HTC 7 Trophy. For those who use Facebook for WP7, they can easily spot some of the similarities with this one as well, but it’s still difficult to say if it’s real or not.

Regardless of that, we’re sure there are plenty of handset owners out there starving to get some action with a Google+ app.  Considering that WP7’s installed base is growing continually, one can only imagine an app coming down the road – but we can only hope for now!

source: Twitter via WP Central

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