Snapdragon S4 Pro rocks the benchmarks, shown off in a $1,299 developer tablet

Snapdragon S4 Pro rocks the benchmarks, shown off in a $1,299 developer tablet
In case you needed more evidence proving that the Snapdragon S4 Pro with Adreno 320 graphics is the biggest, baddest mobile processor around, here comes a fresh dose of benchmark results showing the chip's potential. The benchmarks were conducted during a private event hosted by Qualcomm, at which a developer-oriented tablet equipped with an APQ8064 chipset was shown off.

Actually, demonstrating processing prowess was not the primary goal of Qualcomm's event, reports IntoMobile. The chip maker focused highly on understanding what all those synthetic benchmark results truly reflect. Well-chosen topic, we must add, for we have always known that high benchmark scores do not guarantee buttery-smooth, real-life performance. To no surprise, Qualcomm also used the opportunity to speak of its competitors and their purportedly non-optimal approaches to making mobile silicon. 

Should you be interested in that S4 Pro-rockin' tablet we mentioned earlier, it comes with a 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1280 by 768 pixels. A 13-megapixel camera, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and 32GB of storage have also been thrown in for good measure. The device runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and those who have been given the opportunity to use it say that it is devilishly fast. Yeah, it is quite an ugly duckling, but hey, we cannot complain given that the tablet is made for developers, not for the average consumer. Wanna get one anyway? Better think twice as it carries a hefty $1,299 price tag. If the powerful chip inside it is what interest you, better wait for those Snapdragon S4 Pro LG smartphones that are said to be headed to the U.S.

source: IntoMobile

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