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"Sleep of Death" plaguing the Sprint & Verizon HTC Touch Pro2 after WM 6.5 update?

This article contains unofficial information.

Although it remains unseen whether or not this problem is widespread and affecting many users, there seems to be some owners who are experiencing the “Sleep of Death” on their HTC Touch Pro2 smartphones. Specifically it's affecting mostly the Sprint and Verizon variants after owners installed the official Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade. The “Sleep of Death” basically causes the phone to not power on the display once the phone automatically goes into sleep after a period of inactivity – which would require a manual reset or the removal of the battery to fix it. Aside from the tedious boot up process, this fix obviously won't sit too still for owners as they there will undoubtedly be some kind of official fix coming down the pipelines. Has anyone else been experiencing this problem after installing the Windows Mobile 6.5 update on their handsets?

HTC Touch Pro2 Specifications | Review (Sprint & Verizon)

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