Skype is thankfully still coming to Windows Phone 7

Skype is thankfully still coming to Windows Phone 7
There was a little a bit of scare for Windows Phone 7 fans today as it was thought that Skype was pulling out completely from developing an app for Microsoft's next generation mobile platform. Although it came to be a shock when Skype pulled support for Windows Mobile, it was looking to drive a stake into the heart of Microsoft as Dan Neary, Skype's Vice President for the Asia Pacific region, was heard saying that they were “not developing software for the new Windows Mobile software due later this year.” Obviously there were a lot of people who cried loudly upon hearing about the news, but luckily, things got cleared up a bit later on. Sure it's known right now that Dan Neary left out both Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 from the list of currently supported platforms, but he distinctly said that Windows Phone 7 “is on the road map.” Ultimately the only question left answered about all of this is when we will start seeing them develop for it, but in the mean time, we can all fall asleep at night knowing that Skype will be coming – some day.

source: Engadget

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