Six discounted must-have games for Android and iOS

Hey there, gamers. It's been a while since we looked for some game deals through the Play Store and App Store. So, today we fished out a few discounted titles that you definitely should consider, as the games are real classics. Let us know how you liked the ones you tried, and also feel free to drop a comment if you know about a cool game that is currently discounted – you just might brighten up the day of another fellow gamer!

So, we have a shooter, a couple of adventures, and some puzzles for you. Check them out!

Hitman: Sniper

Price: $1.99 (was $4.99)
Download for iOS | Android

A "shooting gallery"-type title with a stealth assassination twist to it, Hitman: Sniper may not be a full-blown Agent 47 adventure, but will quench your thirst for fulfilling deadly contracts at least a little bit, while on the go. Aside from plain shooting at your targets, you can shoot various objects around the map to create distractions. If you wish to remain a shadow, each kill must be planned so that the victim falls in a silent, out-of-sight spot. The gunplay is also pretty well done, keeping you engaged even when you reload – a pretty good title for fans of both Hitman and assassination games as a whole.

This War of Mine

Price: $6.99 (was $14.99)
Download for iOS | Android

This War of Mine is a war game with a unique twist – instead of putting the players in the boots of a rough and tough terminator of a soldier, it has them controlling a band of civilian survivors, trying to stay alive on the outskirts of the ongoing battles.

The game is spot-on at showing the ugly truth of war – not a glorious battle with shiny weapons, but a total destruction of the homes and lives of everybody in and around the battlefield. You get to take care of your group, recruit other survivors, make sure everybody is fed and kept healthy. Should you fail at your job – you will see them wither away, one by one.

Syberia and Syberia II

Price: $0.99 per title (was $4.99)
Download for Android (1, 2)

Syberia is a classic PC adventure game, which fist debuted in 2002. It was a well-received title and its popularity prompted a 2004 sequel — Syberia II — which did not disappoint fans. If you love adventure titles, but have missed out on Syberia – now's the time to check it out, as you can get both games for just $2 on the Play Store. Or, if you have played them, you may wish to revisit some old memories.

Deep Dungeons of Doom

Price: $0.10 (was $3.99)
Download for Android

Deep Dungeons of Doom is an action-RPG, which has a pretty simplified combat system – let us stress – simple to learn, but definitely not simple to master. The game made the jump from freemium to premium some time ago, but can be had for almost no money on the Play Store right now, costing just $0.10.

The Room Two

Price: $1.99 (was $2.99)
Download for AndroidiOS

The Room games have recently become a trilogy, with The Room Three having come out for iOS devices a couple of weeks ago. The first Room game has been available for $0.99 for quite a while now and it seems that this is the price point it will stay pinned at from now on. If you love puzzles, but have never tried any of the titles – definitely spend $1 to try out the first game, as it is a definite classic and a must-play when it comes to mobile games. Then, hurry up and nab The Room Two, while it's down to $1.99.


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