Siri vs S Voice: virtual assistant battle visualized (infographic)

Siri vs S Voice: virtual assistant battle visualized (infographic)
Siri – you've heard about "her", haven't you? She is the humble, virtual assistant that lives inside the iPhone 4S (the iPad is next in line). Yet Samsung came up with a solution of its own called S Voice, which is found on the Galaxy S III flagship. Theoretically, it should be able to do anything that Siri can, but is the overall experience on par?

The guys at Dialaphone decided to find the answer to that question and pitted Siri against S Voice. What's more is that they organized the results from their research in an infographic and shared it online for the world to see. Overall, both virtual assistants have their strengths and weaknesses: Siri responds faster, while S Voice gives more accurate results on average, according to the research. Besides, they are equally capable of answering your trivial questions since both use the Wolfram Alpha database for reference.

But let's not go into detail since we don't want to spoil the pleasure of checking out the infographic for yourself. What are your personal impressions from Siri or S Voice? Let us know by dropping a comment.

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