Silhouette of the Omnia II graces Samsung's web site

Silhouette of the Omnia II graces Samsung's web sit
Let's hold our breath and think clearly in our heads how Samsung plans on making a splash with the Omnia II. For now, there is the silhouette of their second incarnation on their web site that clearly makes a tie-in with Verizon Wireless. The image is somewhat awe-inspiring with the handset blocking out light coming in from behind it – making us wonder what it has in store once it is fully revealed. The words “coming soon” can only mean that it may be inching closer before business professionals get their hands on this Windows Mobile smartphone. If you're a diehard lover for this device, there is a sign-up link on the page that may give you the first word when it finally launches. For now, we're just going to think about the drum roll playing out in our heads in anticipation for its imminent release.

Samsung Omnia II Specifications

source: Samsung via BGR

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