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Shot from a DROID RAZR leaked?

Shot from a DROID RAZR leaked?
The image itself may not look like much, but as is often true, it's what you find underneath that is far more interesting. A new image has leaked that points to a possible reboot of the Motorola RAZR series, but with a key new feature: Android. 

Apparently, the EXIF info for the original image points to it being taken using a Motorola DROID RAZR, a phone which not only isn't out, but hasn't even been officially announced or rumored before. There is a chance that this is the same Streamline device we saw leaked on the Motorola web site redesign, but the only connection there is the fact that any DROID RAZR will undoubtedly be a very thin device. 

Of course, the question remains whether Motorola can make a device sufficiently thin enough to make anyone really interested. With the Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4 both around 8.5mm thick, the iPhone 5 likely to be at most 8mm thick, and a new phone from NEC at just 7.7mm, just how thin will the DROID RAZR have to be to get you interested?

source: Pocketnow
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