Send sound emojis on your Apple iPhone or Android handset with Kickstarter project TeleSound

Send sound emojis on your Apple iPhone or Android handset with Kickstarter project TeleSound
How would you like to send someone the sound equivalent of a happy face, or a frown, or any emoji that you can think of. You can by using TeleSound, which is a project being funded on the KickStarter site. A small accessory, which resembles one of the ends of an older rotary phone handset, plays the sounds which are selected using an app downloaded onto your Apple iPhone or Android phone. The actual process works like this. Using the app on your phone, you select the person you are sending the audio emojis to, type the emojis you want to play, and hit send. The speaker plays the emoji sound within 30 feet of the corresponding smartphone and a tilt sensor allows you to flip the TeleSound speaker over to stop the sound. If the speaker is not within range of your phone when you hit send, or is inactive at the time, the sounds are stored so you can play them later.

The group behind TeleSound is looking to raise $100,000 by March 30th. So far, they have raised only $8,263 which we have to say, doesn't bode well for the production of the device. To get a TeleSound, you have to pledge a minimum of $34 which gives you a TeleSound in your choice of color plus a fabric bag and includes worldwide shipping. 500 backers are sought at this level bit only 98 have made a pledge. Pledge $64 and get two units and free worldwide shipping. A $124 pledge will get you four units. If you pledge $500, you get four units and get to define a combination of three emojis and the corresponding sound. Lastly, make a $1,000 pledge and you will receive four units and get to select the sound for one of 20 emojis put aside for backers. Shipping is expected to take place in August, but at the current pace it does not look like this project will get funded.

If you are interested in backing the TeleSound, click on the sourcelink. You check check out some of the emoji sounds by clicking on this link.

source: TeleSound via TeleCrunch



1. PhoenixWright

Posts: 102; Member since: Feb 11, 2013

Sounds like the new SOP. Additional voice converter and avatar voice moans are $3 each, groans are $6 each, and male bedroom voices are $20 each.

2. McLTE

Posts: 922; Member since: Oct 18, 2011

No thanks. the last thing I need is my phone making more noises. As far as emoticons.. I'd like for more default options baked into andriod.. if they could implement the list of emoticons that Yahoo chat has.. WIN! no noise though.

3. JunitoNH

Posts: 1946; Member since: Feb 15, 2012

Wow......of all the foolish ideas. Good luck with this one.

4. bachir8k

Posts: 153; Member since: Feb 25, 2013

So we need to buy this item and hold it everywhere and recharge it everyday so we can enjoy these sounds??? mmm, what about coding a small app that retrieves incoming messages and play those sounds on the phone loud speaker itself and sell it for a 1$ at apps stores??? Sorry this is "THE" most stupid idea ever and "THE" most stupid ad ever...

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