Seize the crown in a game of Road of Kings

Seize the crown in a game of Road of Kings
Developed by Dancing Sorcerer Games, Road of Kings is a strategy game in which players have to become the ultimate ruler of a mystical kingdom. You will be playing as a barbaric warrior who has to gather enough money and recruit vast armies in order to be acknowledged as the true king of the realm.

Well, let's face it, the story and the goal of the game are not what we'd call "innovative". Still, the game has some interesting perks that might appeal to some gamers.

The gameplay of Road of Kings mostly consists of moving your barbarian king wannabe across the gameworld and completing various quests. During your endeavours through the lands, you will encounter a number of NPC characters and random events. Interacting with these has a direct effect on the gameplay. The plethora of quests also adds to the variety of the game. Road of Kings might be the right cup of tea for fans of exploration and vast gameworlds.

Still, while exploring the lands of the kingdom, players will inevitably face lots of enemies. However, the poorly-made combat system might not appeal to the average mobile gamer. In fact, in order to exterminate a foe, players just have to swipe it, wait for the enemy to hit back, then repeat the same process until the hostile has perished. It even sounds boring.

Road of Kings, which is currently priced at $2.99, is available for download on both iOS and Android.

Download: Road of Kings (iOS | Android)

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