Second Chance Heroes for iOS lets you fight sentient burgers with a chainsaw-wielding Abraham Lincoln


Second Chance Heroes for iOS is the history lesson you were never taught. In Rocket City Studios's freemium game, you can play as Abraham Lincoln wielding a chainsaw! Presumably, it's the one, which his father, Thomas, used to build the Lincolns' log cabin. Okay, the game doesn't twist history to that extent, but its concept is still awesome. Basically, you collect an army of clones of famous historical figures, and save the world by causing total mayhem with their super-powers. It can be you alone, or you and three friends in a cooperative game. And the setting? When Earth is overrun by "evil robots, nuclear missiles, sentient fast food, alien invasion, and hordes of the undead", humanity's only hope lies in the past. Someone puts together a "dream team" of cloned heroes from our history, and lets them do their thing.

In case you haven't noticed, the plot is a satire of 21st century life's cultural staples, which inspire "an apocalypse of the absurd". Indeed, there's nothing like paying homage to our burger-less and TV-less past like putting you in the boots of Nicola Tesla armed with a Ghostbusters-like ray gun. And this is only one of the options. The two starting characters in the game are Abraham Lincoln and Cleopatra. You already know what Honest Abe's heroic powers are (wroom!), but Cleopatra fights using her perfectly preserved charm, along with magic spells and her golden staff.

The rest of the characters have to be unlocked separately with in-app purchases. You will have Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth I, Nikola Tesla, Julius Caesar, Blackbeard, Marie Curie, Montezuma, Leonardo da Vinci, and Genghis Khan at your disposal. Each character can be upgraded in exchange for Relics and experience points. Be aware, though, that "Relics may or may not summon magical toilets that smite your foes." Also, you should pay a visit to the game's official website for in-depth overviews of each character, and additional hilarity.

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Second Chance heroes has 26 levels and roughly ten hours of gameplay in single-player mode. Currently, the game is available on all iOS 6.0 devices (iPhone 3GS or later, iPad 2 or later, iPod 4th gen or later) with PC and Mac releases in the works.

Download: iOS

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