Scribble me this: new Mazec keyboard for the iPhone and iPad makes handwriting cool again

Handwriting might be coming back in vogue, thanks to the new Mazec keyboard that was released recently for iOS, taking advantage of this mobile platform's newfound openness and love for third-party apps. We've already rounded some of the best keyboards for your iPhone or iPad in a glut that proliferated upon releasing iOS 8, but Mazec is a totally new take on things.

Instead of keying in letters, it relies on the good ol' handwriting. Before you scoff at the option to jot down words on your phone's screen, take it for a spin and see how great its handwriting recognition skills are. Besides being able to tell what you are trying to say from a few wretched scribbles, it probes its amazing database for suggestions as soon as you start with a few strokes of the pen... err, finger.

There is real-time conversion to typed text, too, in emails, text messages, notes and the like, so you can quickly jot a quick reply with your thumb only, while holding the phone with one hand. Mazec also learns from your writing, and remembers words and phrases you use most often, offering you to insert them right off the bat when it senses that's what you are going to pen in. Take it for a spin from the link below, if this new handwriting keyboard for the iPhone and iPad has piqued your interest.

Developer: MetaMoJi CorporationDownload: iOS
Category: UtilitiesPrice: $4.99

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