Savee app aims to double your battery life by leaving no electron unchecked, for a price

Move over, battery saving apps, as there is a new sheriff in town. Savee: Battery Saver Optimizer is a new Android app that promises to bring something like Samsung's Ultra Power Saving mode to every phone.

While Savee has the usual myriad of options to switch connectivity toggles at preset times and so on, it is actually a complete energy management system. While the interface polish leaves something to be desired, what really matters is under the hood here. The developer has tried to keep the app as intelligent as possible - it will, for example, move the phone to standby mode when you slip it in your pocket, and will keep Wi-Fi off if the screen is not lit, or during a call.

Not only that, but Savee also provides real-time analytics of your battery consumption and charging time. It can warn you of battery hogs, and optimize the heck out of your background services for better energy management. It doesn't ask much from you, too - just to choose one of the four preset modes, and go on your merry way. You can also assign which apps can only use the Wi-Fi connection, and which can go online with your mobile data plan. If you are interested to give a new and promising Android battery life optimizer, hit Savee up from the source link below.

Developer: SaveeDownload: Android
Category: ToolsPrice: $1.37

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