Save $10 a month; T-Mobile will upgrade your T-Mobile One plan to T-Mobile One Plus for $15 monthly


You might recall that when T-Mobile One was introduced last August, it offered subscribers unlimited everything as long as they were willing to view video at DVD resolution (480p). For some, this would be akin to watching hieroglyphics on the wall of a cave. So the carrier rushed out T-Mobile One Plus. For $25 a month extra, subscribers can request a 24 hour day pass allowing them to view streaming video in HD. This pass has to be requested every day since video reverts back to 480p once the pass expires.

Now, T-Mobile is making it more affordable to upgrade to the One Plus plan. Starting this week, it will cost T-Mobile One subscribers just $15 a month to upgrade their plan to the T-Mobile One Plus. This gives customers unlimited HD video day passes, unlimited monthly Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi for an entire flight, and free voicemail to text; this is a service that transcribes your voicemail to text or email so that you can read your messages when you can't listen to them. Also included is Name ID, which brings you enhanced caller and text ID, and allows you to block incoming calls and texts from certain senders. And with the One Plus plan, subscribers get to roam in over 140 countries at up to 3G speeds wherever available.

For $25 a month, you can upgrade your T-Mobile One plan and convert it to a T-Mobile One Plus International. This includes everything that is offered with the T-Mobile One Plus plan, along with unlimited hotspot data. By allowing you to use your phone as a mobile hotspot, you can connect your laptop or tablet to a Wi-Fi signal. And with Stateside International Talk, you can make free unlimited calls from the U.S. to landlines in over 70 countries, and to mobile devices in over 30 countries. 

Just yesterday, T-Mobile teased that it will be making its next Un-carrier announcement on January 5th during CES in Las Vegas. 

source: T-Mobile
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