The new T-Mobile One plan goes all-in on unlimited data but limits video streaming to 480p


If you were thinking that T-Mobile’s Un-carrier events are starting to tone down, think again. CEO John Legere has just announced Un-carrier 12, an initiative that will end the existence of the data plan on the Magenta network.

Starting September 6th, T-Mobile will only offer a single plan. Appropriately called the T-Mobile One plan, it will include unlimited voice, text, and LTE data. 

T-Mobile says that only subscribers who use up the most data will be throttled. If you’re among the top 3% data consumers, T-Mobile will prioritize other users at specific times and places when and where the network is really busy. The carrier says that only subscribers using up more than 26GB of data per month are currently placed in the low-priority bucket.

The new plan will set you back $70 a month for the first line, $50 for the second one, and then $20 a month for the next up to 6 lines. T-Mobile is marketing this structure as a plan that costs $40 per line for a four-member family. 

T-Mobile’s current Simple Choice plans all include unlimited voice and text. The plans cost $50/$65/$80 per month for 2GB/6GB/10GB. Unlimited data costs $95 per month and includes 14GB of LTE tethering from your smartphone.

Add in the fact that the new plan will also include a bunch of T-Mobile’s other Un-carrier benefits, such as Mobile Without Borders, T-Mobile Tuesdays, and Carrier Freedom, and it might look like the new T-Mobile One plan is everything wireless subscribers from the US could possibly ask for. However, there are a few notable downsides to bear in mind.

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One huge caveat is that the T-Mobile One plan only includes unlimited video streaming at a resolution of 480p. If you want to stream HD video, you’ll need to hand out $25 a month per line. 

T-Mobile’s Video Streaming Service used to include unlimited 480p video streaming from a range of partner websites. Customers could opt to turn off the option and have their HD video streaming counted against their monthly high-speed data allowance. With the T-Mobile One plan, however, you’ll be forced to pay a $25 monthly premium (per line) for HD video streaming.

We’re sure that net neutrality experts, Netflix, and other HD video streaming websites will object to this change. 

Another potentially controversial change introduced by T-Mobile One plan will axe the ability to use your smartphone as a high-speed mobile hotspot. You’ll have unlimited tethering but your speed will be limited to 2G speeds. If you want high-speed tethering, T-Mobile will offer 5GB buckets for $15. 

Aside from covering smartphones, the new T-Mobile One plan can also be applied to wearables and tablets. Supporting a wearable at 2G speeds costs $5 per month, while $20 a month will get you unlimited high-speed data for your tablet.

Existing Simple Choice customers will be able to maintain their current plan. Starting September 6th, however, the T-Mobile One plan is the only one that the Magenta network will offer. 

In the upcoming days, chances are good that a lot of people involved in the US IT sector will share their opinions on the new T-Mobile One plan. You can join in on the conversation by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

source: T-Mobile

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