Samsung's new AMOLED displays might be a tough nut to crack

Samsung's new AMOLED displays might be a tough nut to crack
Well,finally the dream to sit with your phone in the back pocket might becoming to fruition courtesy of the brainiacsfrom Samsung Mobile Display. By changing all layers of an AMOLEDscreen to plastic, and using a material called polyimide (PI), theyaim to have a bendable, but unbreakable display shipped to OEMs intwo year's time.

Aquick look at Wikipedia reveals that PI is a polymer, which “oftenreplaces glass and metals, such as steel, in many demandingindustrial applications”. The sheer thought of not having to worryabout cracking the most fragile part of our smartphones makes us wantto go and dance in the rain.The bendable display (sans the circuit board) gets smacked in the videobelow, along with a current generation of feeble AMOLED, so head overto satiate your appetite for destruction.

source:OLED-Display via BGR


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