Samsung working on using folding keyboard design?

Samsung working on using folding keyboard design?
We've seen some interesting and unique QWERTY keyboard designs. Some are quite useful; enabling users to type quickly and effectively. Others are just downright terrible with either poor button placement or ergonomics. Samsung has patented a new rear keyboard system which utilizes two folding half QWERTY keyboards. Both are inconspicuously hidden within the body of the handset – so there will be more real estate dedicated to the screen. Just looking at the design, one has to wonder how the new layout will impact text entry. We're sure that there will be plenty of adequate sized buttons to help users type more easily. One thing that scares us is just how it will hold up after a period of time with its thin profile for the QWERTY. Who says creating something that is untraditional is a bad thing? Just like anything else, you just need to get adjusted to it.

source: USPTO via wmpoweruser

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