Samsung "will provide an update" for aGPS issue on the Captivate & Vibrant

Samsung "will provide an update" for aGPS issue on the Captivate & Vibrant
All is not well for both the two recently launched Samsung Galaxy S phones here in the US seeing that there are issues surrounding aGPS on the handsets. Both the Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile and Captivate for AT&T are experiencing the same problems – they're just unable to fetch a general location via aGPS. Essentially, you can wait an eternity for the handsets to get a fix using aGPS when you're indoors or outside the gaze of GPS satellites. There are a lot of fingers being pointed all around, especially when a major issue like this manages to pass through the cracks of rigorous testing before retail units hit the shelves. Fortunately, Samsung's attention has been shaken and they've made some official statements regarding the matter. Their official statement said, “Samsung Mobile is aware that under certain conditions, the GPS on our U.S. Galaxy S devices may not be meeting performance expectations. We are diligently evaluating the situation and will provide an update as soon as possible.” Although there is a workaround available which will most likely be understood by individuals with some expertise in Android, all the other regular owners out there that aren't in the loop of “fixing” phones will surely be at a standstill. So let's hope that Samsung pushes this update as soon as possible.

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