Samsung: we can go all the way down to 5nm chipsets, and maybe beyond

Samsung: we can go all the way down to 5nm chipsets
Samsung is currently at the forefront of mobile chipset development, as it is expected to release the Galaxy S6 with a shovel-ready 14nm Exynos 7420 processor of its own making, and said that it has already developed a 10nm FinFET production technology. Where does this all end, before we have chips the size of a pinky nail that are as powerful as our aging desktop computers, and way more frugal?

Well, it seemingly ends at 5nm, Samsung's Kinam Kim has confirmed at the ongoing ISSCC conference: "there are no fundamental difficulties until 5nm," he said. And then? Well, combining some obscure sounding production technologies, Samsung apparently has mapped out possibilities for shrinking the size even further, to the whopping 3.25nm, but these developments are obviously meant for quite a few years from now, unless some disruption happens in the meantime. For now, we are perfectly content with 14nm, given the record benchmark scores that the S6 commands.

source: Nikkei

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