Samsung wants to patent a phone with bendable display and chassis, patent application reveals

Samsung might be prepping a flexible, bendable phone
LG is seemingly poised to adopt the curved chassis philosophy for its top-tier smartphone lineup, but Samsung might be secretly working on a truly flexible device. 

According to a patent application, originally filed back in Q2 2014 but only recently published by the USPTO, the South Korea-based phone slinger might be working on a device equipped with a bendable display and frame, capable of withstanding a flexing. 

Judging by the accompanying patent images, Samsung wants to equip the handset with a flexible display, a bendable frame, and a few batteries at the back that are connected to each other with the aid of a flexible coupling. As a refresher, Samsung has already showed us that bendable displays are no longer science fiction, though developing the rest of the flexible hardware components will certainly prove to be a more cumbersome task on its own as well. LG also has a flexible display.

From the looks of it, some time will pas before Samsung's invention might potentially make a more prominent appearance - first of all, the USPTO will have to grant it the patent, and only after that the maker of the Galaxy Note Edge and S6 edge will have the cart blanche to grab our attention with the concept of a truly bendable phone.

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