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Samsung users: do you use Google Chrome or the stock Samsung Browser?


For a long, long time, most Android users have been used to taking a certain set of steps when setting up their brand-new device, no matter its brand. Among these steps is setting Google Chrome as a default browser for your phone and overriding whatever proprietary app the manufacturer tried to force upon them. Many phone makers have now given up on making their own Internet browsers, but Samsung is one that just doesn't give up.

But here comes the plot twist — the Samsung Internet Browser has actually become good through the years. It's fast, it supports extensions, can sync with your desktop browser, it can replace your saved passwords with a fingerprint scan. We're actually fairly sure that a lot of people out there have decided to stick to the Samsung browser now, but kind of wonder how many exactly. So, we decided to ask!

Do you use Google Chrome or the stock Samsung Browser?

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