Samsung phones running Android 10 lose Daydream VR support

Samsung phones running Android 10 lose Daydream VR support
Google Daydream is the company's discontinued virtual reality (VR) platform that runs on Android and requires the user's phone to be placed inside a headset, in order to experience it. Initially launched in late 2016, it was discontinued in October last year, following HBO and Hulu dropping support for their Daydream apps.

Regardless, Daydream continues to work fine on most Android 10 phones, and some users still enjoy using it. But according to online reports by Samsung users, Daydream support has been removed from their phones after updating to Android 10, without notice.

Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9 and S9+ users who attempt to use Daydream, for example, now see a message that claims their phone is incompatible, and "a Daydream-ready phone is required."

"Just like that, without any notice or warning, Daydream no longer works on my S9+," one Samsung Community member says.

It would appear that a flag, that was present in prior Android versions on those phones, setting the phones as VR-ready, hasn't been defined by Samsung in its Android 10 version. In contrast, Pixel phones on Android 10 can still run Daydream as before, Reddit users report.

As Google Daydream is technically discontinued, it's not yet confirmed whether Samsung is simply dropping support for an obsolete product, or overlooked the aforementioned flag, and will fix it in an update.

Samsung itself got into the mobile VR scene even before Google's Daydream made an appearance, with Gear VR, the company's own headset to plop your phone in. It took full advantage of the South Korean giant's gorgeous OLED pixel-dense screens, which look great even when inches away from your eyes. Gear VR hasn't been officially discontinued yet, though considering even its partner Oculus has removed or discontinued its apps from the platform, it may be reaching the end of its lifetime.

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