Move over, fingerprints: Samsung patents palm-scanning

Our bodies have plenty of parts, which are formed uniquely to each individual — fingerprints, irises, ear auricles, our actual faces, palm lines, the list goes on. And phone manufacturers seem to be capitalizing on these like crazy to offer us a crazy variety of unlocking methods, with finger unlock, iris unlock, and face unlock being packed all together in some devices.

Samsung seems to be dabbling in adding an extra biometric scan — palm recognition. The difference here is that it's not going to be used for unlocking your phone, but merely for password hints.

So, Sammy has filed a patent that describes a phone feature, which scans the user's palm lines after a picture was taken with the phone's camera. Then, if you happen to forget your password, you can use the camera to take a snap of your hand and verify your identity to the phone. If recognized properly, the device will show you different letters of your password, scattered across the palm lines you just pictured.

Yeah, that sounds a bit weird and a bit too complex. And it does raise questions whether someone would be able to use your phone if they manage to force you to open your palm. What's wrong with regular password hints, where we type out a riddle that only we can answer? It's a curious patent for sure, and we'll see if it ever gets implemented into tech.

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