Samsung made the right call: we don't need no hardware buttons

Samsung made the right call: we don't need no hardware buttons
Lately, hardware buttons on smartphones have slowly been going extinct. Google pushed hard for that and has always developed its Nexus phones (now Pixels) to have a software navbar with no hardware control shenanigans.

Samsung, on the other hand, pushed hard to keep its hardware controls for years. The classic Sammy smartphone had a hardware home button in the center of its chin, with a couple of capacitive touch buttons for Recent Apps and Back neighboring it.

However, since the Galaxy S8 came out and proclaimed war on all bezels, it also turned a cold shoulder on the physical home button and capacitive touch keys. Now, Sammy — like everyone else — has a virtual navbar.

We wondered — do you miss the always-present hardware buttons, or do you like this complete switch to digital? So, we ran a poll... Here are the results:

Do you miss the hardware buttons on Samsung smartphones?

Nope. Software all the way!
Oh yes... yes, I do.


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