Samsung is "open to the possibility" of making an alliance with troubled camera-maker Olympus

Samsung is "open to the possibility" of making an alliance with troubled camera-maker Olympus
The troubled Olympus has been shaken by corruption scandals last year, but is not giving up without a fight, trying to partner with many companies, which include stalwarts like Panasonic, Sony and Samsung.

An insider from Samsung has commented that "We are open to the possibility of an alliance with Olympus", but a spokesperson said the Koreans haven't received any concrete offer for an equity tie-up by Olympus yet.

Such an alliance with Olympus will eventually improve on Sammy's camera business, while hopefully the Japanese know-how about quality optics and sensors would also trickle down to the high-end smartphones that are to come from Samsung in the future.

source: Reuters



11. xyzed

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 15, 2012

Not surprised to hear Olympus in trouble. Their cameras are cheap and filled to the brim with features except image quality. Why they don't charge a little more and improve on image quality beats me. However look what happened with Konica-Minolta (two previously separate companies) merging with Sony. From a Nikon die hard fan, I must admit, Sony's latest cameras are kick-ass. This is probably why Samsung is interested.

10. CellularNinja

Posts: 306; Member since: Sep 27, 2011

This seems to be a good idea, because if Olympus is struggling, then partnering with Samsung would probably help them. And obviously Olympus's expertise in cameras would better Samsung's cameras in some way or another, thus helping consumers! It's a WIN-WIN-WIN!

9. Vrils

Posts: 42; Member since: Sep 17, 2011

it is the right move to make for all cameras producers

8. spiderpig2894

Posts: 597; Member since: Jan 10, 2012

this is now a start for mobile phone camera wars!

6. christianqwerty

Posts: 467; Member since: May 05, 2011

I'm still waiting for Cannon or Nikon to partner with someone in the mobile phone world

7. belovedson

Posts: 1061; Member since: Nov 30, 2010

say what you mean canon right?

12. christianqwerty

Posts: 467; Member since: May 05, 2011

Autocorrect sorry

5. lboogy82788

Posts: 22; Member since: Jan 09, 2012

Samsung,Samsung, keep on innovating!

4. sgogeta4

Posts: 394; Member since: Feb 02, 2011

Olympus makes excellent cameras, but unfortunately, sometimes, great products doesn't always cut it in the business/marketing world. If Samsung decides to help them out, their next Galaxy phone might have a camera worthy enough to challenge Nokia.

3. nak1017

Posts: 328; Member since: Jan 08, 2010

I'm just sad to hear Olympus is having trouble... I got my parent's one of those "tough" cameras for Mexico and that thing has gone through hell and still takes great shots.

2. arcq12

Posts: 733; Member since: Oct 13, 2011

@chunk1x say what?

1. chunk1x

Posts: 248; Member since: Jun 25, 2011

The babies they'll make will nasty Mother$uckers(it is a good thing).

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