Samsung is bringing yet another flagship feature to the Galaxy A series

Samsung is bringing yet another flagship feature to the Galaxy A series
Last year, Samsung’s Galaxy A-series phones got a major boost in design and specs, while keeping their affordable price tags. Cameras, batteries, displays, Samsung firing on all cylinders. With that combination and the brand name, Samsung managed to smother a big part of the Android midrange. But the onslaught continues in 2020 and it seems like things will only get tougher for the competition.

The Galaxy A51 and A71 are almost indistinguishable from their S-series cousins, the curved-edge display on the flagships remains the last major difference in design. The Galaxy S20 and company keep their advantage with better chips and other goodies, but latest rumors suggest some of those will trickle down to the A family.

SamMobile reports that Samsung is preparing to launch A-series phones with optical image stabilization later this year. OIS is a feature usually reserved for flagships as the intricate parts that it requires make the camera modules expensive.

OIS is quite useful, it’s used to compensate for any hand tremors while taking a photo and allows for sharper images. That’s especially true when it comes to low-light photography as the exposure times are longer and blurriness is often a big issue. Videos recorded with cameras that have ОIS are also much smoother. This upgrade will put Galaxy A phones ahead of the competition and make them an even more viable alternative to flagships.

If there’s one company ready to take a profit hit to gain market advantage, it’s Samsung. We should keep in mind, however, that the Galaxy A series covers quite a wide range of devices. From the likes of Galaxy A11, a cheap entry-level smartphone to the Galaxy A90 with its Snapdragon 855.

The rumored Galaxy A81 and Galaxy A91 are the likeliest candidates to get OIS this year, but we won’t be surprised if next year Samsung pushes the feature further down its A lineup.

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