Samsung bada 2.0 coming in September, 1.2 update won't be pushed to WQVGA phones

Samsung bada 2.0 coming in September, 1.2 update won't be pushed to WQVGA phones
Samsung's own take on operating systems, Samsung bada, won't be updated to its latests 1.2 version on devices equipped with a WQVGA (240 x 400) screen, the company broke the bad news on its bada Twitter account. This affects a couple of phones low to mid-range offerings in the Wave family of phones: the S5250 Wave525, S5330 Wave533, S5750 Wave575, S5780 Wave 578 and S7230E Wave 723 all come with such a screen. Bada 1.2 brings a number of features like Swype along with better overall responsiveness. But there is still hope about owners of these devices getting the next major release of bada, 2.0. The issue is under discussion, so it's not guaranteed, but it's still possible.

At the same time, bada 2.0 was confirmed to be on track for a September release in various countries. The release will introduce multitasking and an overhauled UI among other new features. “But the schedule can be changed,” Samsung warned about a possible delay. The Samsung Wave and Wave II will be some of the devices which are sure to be updated. In addition, the SDK for the next big bada will be released in Q3 as well.

Finally, asked whether the platform will support VoIP applications like Skype, Samsung couldn't confirm about those, so our guess is that for the time being you'll have to make do without them.

source: Samsungbada via GSM Arena



1. toottoot unregistered

"for the time being you'll have to make do without them"... sigh...

2. android_hitman unregistered

that's why samsung lost me on Bada. :(

3. kirov96 unregistered

whattt!!!! possible delay !!! again !!! i will not buy any samsung unit again !!!

4. vishu9

Posts: 252; Member since: Mar 03, 2011

Bada ? Who's using it anyways? :0 poor souls

5. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

I would like to see a Bada OS device, just to see how it runs. I am very curious if it has potential to turn into a major system, or is it just a niche OS. Samsung has the money and global reach to market it correctly. Those that have seen it or have it, how does it work and what makes it different?

7. Forsaken77 unregistered

Is bada for Tablets only? Because I've never seen a smartphone using it. It's either Android or WP7 as far as I've seen.

8. Vittorio unregistered

It's a copy of iOS but with a terrible appstore and some homescreens in which you can put horrible gadgets, like a useless clock with two diferent times like, well, if you really fancy knowing what time is it at Tokyo all the time, and a recently visited webpages widget that displays, well, your last 3 visited webpages in case you want to come back to them ultra-quickly. In case the web browser process is killed, browser comes back to your homepage, not last tabs you were in. It does not have flash, it does not have text reflow, it frequently runs out of memory when you zoom in a webpage (It has 512Mb RAM though), kissing good bye zoom if that happens in the whole browser, kind of tricky affair if you are running it on a 3.2 inches AMOLED wave. It is ridden with bugs like, let's suppose you want to kill every process in the phone, then every homescreen you have set up dissapear, and you have to fill them in again with the widgets you want. Other than that, is a nice and responsive phone, it has a FM tuner and a MP3 player which is like the iOS's. It has decent sound quality but if you break the headset that come with the phone, oh man you are in deep sh#t, there is no available third party quality headset. You are stuck with crappy samsung's. If you are able to find one, of course. And no volume controls, just answer/hang up. Oh, and at one year old, the phone has started to reboot itself for no apparent reason, sometimes twice a day, sometimes one every two days. Icing on the cake, I suppose. Really nice. Really.

9. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

sooo, other than that, Samsung is doing a good job, huh?

21. Ric in NYC unregistered

Vittorio, i like your dry humor, although i suspect that you have been known to critique mob hits in Howard Beach or Bensonhurst for the house-organ newsletters of the Cosa Nostra. Man, i sure wish that serious technology reviewers would address all the vital issues and angles onto which you so assiduously focus your attention. It usually takes a series of visits to 3 separate websites to get the BASIC info on a given phone (a little here, a little there: nothing bundled tight, like a fascio). Would that you were to go legit and begin to write reviews for long-time tech publishing house, ZiffDavis dot com

10. Vittorio unregistered

What's not to like?

12. bobby2680 unregistered

hahaha... too bad the Samsung didn't support the OS properly otherwise it would have been a good i mean basically if they'd continued making further improvements at a faster pace... wave has 3.5mm jack i dont think headset is much of a problem :) at least... samsung wake up don't waste a good platform update it faster specially with memory full part and dont limit sms's to a fix no. i used wave for a month but dispose it bec of lack of support i like the OS initially except for the no support and memory full part so i hope sammy will invest on it...

13. RS Faria unregistered

I can live (angry) without 1.2 But bada 2.0 is required for ALL phones. Samsung has already lied about the specs for these phones. Now if they leave us without this upgrade, I never buy this brand again.

14. Sahil Gupta unregistered

Hey plzzz help!!!!!!! will bada 2.0 update available on samsung wave 525...?????

15. s8500wave_bada_user unregistered

we want bada 2.0!!! bada is great... the appstore is booming! please samsung sopport it MORE!!! a galaxy with bada 2.0 would be sooo awsome! android is good, ios is s**t (only because of the appstore it is useable), but bada is better: it is on the market for 1 year and even better then the big 2! im pretty active in some forum for samsung/bada smartphones and there we make our own widgets, fix different widgets and apps, make our own themes and designs! @vittorio do u have our own bada smartphone? do u even not what ur talking about? clock widgets: the standart double clock is pretty senseless, but there are a lot of other different widgets and they are so awsome AND the iPhone hasent even these posibility to only use one widget, because there are no homescreens -.- last visited websites: i need three clicks to get to my last website... so stop lying... memory problems: if u use it right u wont have these problems, it is true that there are some problems, but every other smartphone has these probs, too! bby the way super amoled display... and the iphone display is just 0,2 inches bigger... and why samsung headphones?! i got my sennheiser headphones and use them everyday! awsome quality! reboot: just fix it with flashing ur phone and this is also a posibilty to stop brandings... mfg bada_user

16. Er. Manish Manohar unregistered

Boom Boom BADA.... its awesome ...we want BADA 2 soon in our WAVE 2 phones.... samsung rocks........ iphone killer.... yo yo ....BADA 2 we are waiting for you..........

17. sanjay1 unregistered

Whats wrong with Samsung!! why are they not allowing voips. The app store sucks big time. i relent the day I bought Wave 2 without researching.

18. Mayank77 unregistered

what is the release date of BADA 2.0 in india....???....i have samsung wave 2 and there is no more intresting in bada 1.2 , need flash lite 4 , live wallpaper , free amazing apss just like android wave 2 hardware is just Great but bada sucks......

19. Rosch unregistered

I got a wave 8500 and love it! Really. I don't miss an iphone (my wife got a 3GS - I know what I am talking about). Vittorio is talking bulls**t. I bought it with bada 1.0.2 and updated to 1.2. I runs like a charm. fast. reliable with good akku times. BUT: I want Bada 2.0 too. Samsung really needs to take care about its platform. I hope samsung is changing its politics after bada 2.0. To be successfull there must be more frequent releases of both software and hardware... Rosch

20. Twonk unregistered

With the Wave (S8500), Samsung built a Ferrari of a phone, but chose not to let us drive it. Instead we are forced to drive in the pedestrian zone and over speed humps placed in our way. I love so much about this phone. Design and build quality is top notch, the camera and screen are still awesome after 1 year and the built-in codecs for 720p video make playback a breeze......but that is where the fun ends. Support of the firmware and app store have been utterly abysmal. Misinformation and blatant lies over the VOIP fiasco have shown the true face of Samsung. The loyalty obviously lies with the greedy network providers and not the consumer. I, and millions more bought your Bada phones rather than another OS. For me I wanted something different, open, promising, fresh and fast. We supported what looked like the 'Prancing Horse,' ready for action......silly me! Instead Samsung, you poisoned your stallion while he was in the stable. Shame on you. You blew it, I know so many like myself who have already walked away in disgust from your stupid half-hearted attempt at making a mobile platform and not only gone to Android, but to another manufacturer. No matter what anyone says, this phone had huge potential and the Bada software was very stable and smooth for me. I'm a demanding user too that pushes gadgets to their max. My S8500 now hides in a drawer like a dirty secret and a reminder of how individuality is not always a good thing. Now, for phones at least, I'll be a sheep where OS is concerned. On the flip side, my kids use my Wave as a video and MP3 player. Feature phone, not a Smartphone Samsung!!!!!

22. jatnaveenleo unregistered

one year of ownership, still going good. in one year it never hanged or rebooted. never failed on me, had problems updating the firmware to 1.2, but after kies update it resolved. enough apps, not a large number of useless apps. many free apps are pretty useful. battery backup is still good, 2 days on moderate use. music quality is the best i have heard, just lacks manual equalizer, has good presets though. display is great. touch response is unmatched, fast , fast device. seen those memory errors two or three times yet, when many a programs were running in background. all in all a great device.. will not sell it until something better comes up.. cause i love it..

23. Christiano_RO unregistered

"My S8500 now hides in a drawer like a dirty secret and a reminder of how individuality is not always a good thing. Now, for phones at least, I'll be a sheep where OS is concerned. On the flip side, my kids use my Wave as a video and MP3 player. Feature phone, not a Smartphone Samsung!!!!!" I too learned my lesson out of this. My device(S8500) is also lying in a drawer, and there will stay until Bada 2.0 will come out. I personally prefer my Nokia 5630 XM. It is a small full feature phone, very easy to handle, answer/make calls while listening to music. As an example, when u send/receive music on S8500, music player stops and you have to press play again (s**tty). Also multitasking is flawed. Of course, as a video player, is a "wow!"

24. me unregistered

how can i even upgrade my bada1.0 to bada 1.2?

25. muda unregistered

plz i want to buy the bada 2 ..and it very expensive in my country ...and all these against comment are keeping away...i don't know if they re your competitors ..plz bada ,u have to convince us to someone said early it looks nice by the look...i relly want to buy that phone ...plz ..thanks

26. Hem unregistered

Com'on samsung when you will remain stable on your commitment? from July to now September for Bada 2.0, My wave-II need it now... I am feeling its useless mobile in comparison of other android devices

27. mp3addict unregistered

i guess they really are pushing for their samsung galaxy edition

28. AmPrak unregistered

I got the Wave thinking that Bada could be a competition for the iOS or the Android. It cant even compete with Symbian with its resticted(-ive) feature set. Don't buy the bada phones if you think they would be a good gadget for a geek. I thought there would be lots to tinker with. Nothing really, and anything even slightly worthwhile is paid.

29. u.akshaykumar unregistered

I just want to know weather samsung 525 can update its OS from 1.0 to 2.0

30. BadaFan unregistered

yes,finaly bada 2.0 realease,i waiting for long time already,i hope malaysia will get the update quickly Go bada GO

31. Mano unregistered

My set no. is S525..Can I update it?

32. mikered unregistered

October 14th and still nothing about bada 2 for wave 525; any clues? u know, by the way November or even December is a disaster for hitting date :(

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