Samsung announces iPhone rival - F700 is 5-megapixel beast

Samsung announces iPhone rival - F700 is 5-megapixel beast
As we fall in love with the iPhone, and were sure the rest of the major manufacturers will follow suit and release similar devices. After we saw the KE850 Prada phone by LG (which by the way pretends predicessor fo the iPhone) here is also the version of a stylish touch-screen phone from the other Korean manufacturer, Samsung SGH-F700. What you can immediately notice is the large 440x240 pixels wide-screen and just the single key below it. But Samsung has prepared something to beat iPhone- the F700 has side-sliding full hardware QWERTY keyboard which willfor sure allow for fast typing. Another great improvement over the iPhone is the 5-megapixel camera resolution, which makes fun out of the iPhone's 2-megapixel resolution.

An unpleasant drawback is that the SGH-F700 is tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz only, but it supports 2100 (European band) UMTS/HSDPA with speed up to 7.2Mbps.

Other features of the F700 include WAP 2.0 browser, Bluetooth, multimedia player including support for MPEG4/H.264 high-quality video and everything is navigated through Flash User Interface. The main drawback (except the tri-band only) when compared to the iPhone is the lack of hard drive (only microSD slot) and WiFi, as well as almost 40% thicker body.

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1. SAAD unregistered

nice phone but samsung is always 1 step behind.because apple has it vry strong goodwill in the market because of its ipods and mac books.let see after the releases.hahaa

2. cliff unregistered

ok i give u that apple make more money that samsung but thats only in the computer world. this is apples first phone while samsung sold phone for years not to metion the 10 megapixel camera phone they made but overall its gonna be but load of money to spend on these phones but lets see wut happens but gurantee that the phones gonna be about 500-900 dollars

3. Say what? unregistered

Samsung seems to only bring out something...after someone else has...but they do it better...anyway my point is, why don't these articles speculate on a realease mid summer, or of that nature...instead of completely leaving us in the dark about?

4. Mikey B unregistered

ok first of all it says that it is on 0.1" thicker but the article claims to be 50% thicker. im a bit confused. but i still think the iphone has the upperhand on all these phones IMO due to the full html web browser using safari. wap jus doesnt cut it anymore

5. Nanko Rusev unregistered

Apple iPhone is 0.46 while the F700 is 0.64 " which is about 40% thicker. Thank you, I've corrected the image

6. clifford unregistered

the reason being that they don't have a release date after they announce the phone is because they have to see which serive is better for them so that mite take a while and it takes time for them to choose

7. unregistered

No wi-fi? Are they kidding? I hope this isn't another case of the US cell phone networks forcing manufacturers to deliberately remove a feature they know customers want from a phone, simply because they want to route all data through their networks, even if it's slower and less convenient that way. Nokia's E71/E72 is like that -- just disgraceful. Where are the industry regulators when they're needed?

8. unregistered

samsung is not 1 step behind anybody. do your research. samsung is the frist to come out with the color screens, way back in the 90's, first to come out with the moving swivel heads, high megapixels, also both sides with a display for example the f500 models, the best in the slider phones, it goes on and on. they came out with over 30 models last year. what country has come out with that many models. they are leaders in the cell phone industry. they have mastered the thin phones as well as dominate the design. why is apple coming out with only a 2 megapixel? apple is good at mraketing andd has done a great job captivating and keeping the consumers beleive apples are cool to have. great marketing. samsung will now have lifeloing followers simply not just by marketing but their excellent quality and respect.

9. adt76 unregistered

The IPhone is nice but it has issues simular to the Ipod. A totally inclosed case, at which you can't change the battery. It's size (too bulky). And last of all it dosn't have a GSM card to tranfer to another phone, which keeps you from going to another service provider.

10. Nelson Cruz unregistered

Anybody know when will Samsung release the F700 in Europe ?

11. Smash unregistered

So, iPhone has 5 mega pixels? I am not to sure about that. My 5X7 1500X2100 Pixels @ 300 dpi that I took with my iPhone is still very pixelated.

13. RobertB unregistered

The iPhone 3G does only have 2 Megapixel, so that's why it's very pixelated :) I recommened the Samsung F700 instead of the iPhone

12. Henry unregistered

A qwerty easily outweighs the fact that it's 40% bigger. So much nicer to have a keyboard, being able to browse the net is still such a pain if you can't even have a keyboard. Also about the harddrive, I think in this day I'd actually rather have micro SD compatability. It's stupid 100 dollars now incase you all didn't realize Only drawback I guess is the touchscreen isn't quite as nice other than that it's much better imo. Also iPhones and iPods all break down so fast and are horribly inconsistent in their functions. So many people have problems with their ipods within the year.

14. unregistered

Well from what I seen the picture the iphone is larger but this also means more screen for use while the rival phone is smaller that also means less space. Lets also not forget that the rival phone is using some non flexable Os. I have browsed the web on many phones and the internet is not like what we expect the internet to be its plain html or just plain text only or just something missing.On the iphone its the net just as you would expect. it looks like the net, when I go to myspace I see myspace. I see my pics just as I would as if using a full on pc. The keybord on the other phone is kinda outdated in the fact that once a new function comes you have to update the hardware to support the new function. that means new phone..( the iphone does have an issue with the battery and there is a way around that as well ) I have wonderd why no one in the phone world gets it. the reason the iphone works so well and looks so nice is due to the fact that apple is a computer hardware company with beautifull Os where as the phone companies just make the phone work they use an Os that they did not create and many time they dont care about details and the experience of web browsing and pictures. they are not cultrued they have no artistic value they are sterle, cold. Now the problem that apple has is the service provider and not giving options for others to also have access to the iphone but I do understand why. Apple spent time making a beautifull work of Art in the phone and they want to paid as artist not as Programmers. So its in their best interest to lock their US phone service into one company so they can control the cost and make sure they make money. There are many phones one can buy thats cheaper than the iphone but then there is only one iphone. I have yet to see someone do to the phone world as whats happend to the computer world. We have MAC OS x and VIsta and yea also Ubuntu (thats accualy is very fluid in its motion but somewhat ugly with its not to pretty gui its has its own issues) Vista has steped up on the art side but its kinda unfinished but working. (its like having a not so pretty girlfriend who does everything but forgets thats she is new girlfriend and assumes you want your old girlfriend back so she tries to do what she did just to make sure your allways happy but then she has a nice booty but no boobies or perfect body but bald. The mac girlfriend is your sex goddess who has the perfect body hair all that but she is a Gold digger and unless you pay her every second she will not function and if you want her to do more things she demands replacing her for her sister but you must pay her for that also. But her sister is even more sexy But no 3somes no compatabilty with ex girlfriends. Ubuntu is the New girl in the hood who is not ugly and kinda sexy does everything but has some fasion issues and it less popular but very open to try new things even change her clothing if need be )...anyway vista is kinda half baked, I still see certain things that look like the old windows but I can change it if I like so at least there is a way out. The phone companies miss it when it comes to design what they need to do is get with Ubuntu and commision them to make a phone OS that rivals mac os x they will never see a championship belt in the mainstream pc world but they can see one in the phone Os world They can take there time and really make some beautifull. I just wish there was more programmers that was passionate artistic rather just just plain geeky In other works make things work well and solid but also dont ignore the way things look and are presented. Use the busines savvy of Microsoft ( he was smart to do licensing to everyone thats why its OS Windows and Vista is Standard All over ) Use the passion of Apple ( make the product so good to look at you just lust over it . He who takes my advice will Win I will give anyone 4 years to do this ...other wise I will be the first one to introduce this way of thinking into the busines world No more BS phones that look good but do nothing or have very limited screen sizes or are just plan generic and not passionate. The iphone is not the only game on the block...the problem is the phone companies dont have operating systems in their back pocket to modify for a cell phone but they do have money, and they need to think and be smart. Instead of using some old Wap OS why not pay a real computer company who understands OSes I know the iphone is very expensive but I understand when you create art you want to be paid for it I feel even if its 600 plus it wil be the best 600 bucks every spent. The one area I dont like is the service plans. AT&T has some crazy pricing. Notice to them ,I can buy the iphone sign up for the service and then after one month end my contract pay what ever penalties and then get a new sim and hack the phone and use what ever service I want and not be locked to AT&T and Yes i can use the Wifi and browse the web ect. The point im making is no matter what you do ATT and APPLE your product can be and has been and will be cracked hacked and unlocked with out you being able to do anything about it. Welcome to the Information age!! As for me I plan to buy an Iphone and just use it in the normal way one uses there phone.Unless someone makes or I make a better product.

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