Samsung aiming at BlackBerry with platform for enterprise use to be unveiled at MWC?

Samsung aiming at BlackBerry with platform for enterprise use to be unveiled at MWC?
For those who thought that BlackBerry was in the clear once they launched the BlackBerry Z10, better guess again. According to investment house Detwiler Fenton, Samsung is planning on introducing a new platform for the enterprise customers that are the bread and butter of BlackBerry. But before you start getting overly excited, this comes from the same brokerage house that has been bearish on BlackBerry every penny of the move it made rising from single digits to a recent high near 18.

Not much is known about Sammy's purported enterprise focused platform except that it might have something to do with its SAFE initiative. SAFE stands for Samsung for Enterprise and deals with keeping its devices secure enough for enterprise use. Recent commercials showed how a make-believe software company with a BYOD policy found its supposedly secure software put on the internet because of an employee with a BlackBerry.

In its research note, Detwiler Fenton said that Samsung now believes that SAFE allows the Korean manufacturer to deliver Android with best in class security and is aiming right at Waterloo's heart. According to the brokerage firm, "Samsung must now believe it has enhanced SAFE to effectively take share from BBRY as we understand it has hired well north of 100 sales and sales support staff to serve the enterprise and small business markets."

If this turns out to be true, not only could it bring a quick end to BlackBerry's comeback, it could also put Samsung in a new position for it as the manufacturer for today's businessman. Samsung has been trying to push the Samsung GALAXY Note II as the perfect BYOD device with multi-windows allowing users to work and play at the same time.

source: RCRWirelessYahoo via BGR

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