Samsung Wave 725 leaks out of the bada 2.0 SDK

Samsung Wave 725 leaks out of the bada 2.0 SDK
While playing around with the bada 2.0 software development kit, the guys over at bada World stumbled upon an interesting discovery. Reportedly, one of the device emulators that came along with the software mentioned a yet-unannounced smartphone known as the Samsung Wave 725.

Now, this may be the first time when we hear about the alleged Samsung Wave 725, but we knew that its sketch reminded us of a bada device that we had seen before. Remember when three months ago Samsung of France revealed a couple of smartphones meant to run the company's proprietary software platform? Well, if we take a closer look at a rendering of one of them, it becomes pretty obvious that the handset bears a very close resemblance to the leaked Wave 725.

If it ever gets to see the light of day, the Wave 725 is expected to pack a 3.65-inch display with a resolution of 320 by 480 pixels, 5-megapixel main camera with a secondary front-facing shooter, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS. Nothing much impressive, we know, but the bada 2.0 platform is where the real improvements over older handsets from the Wave lineup will be. The next major release of Samsung's mobile operating system is expected to bring a revamped user interface and support for multitasking.

More details about bada 2.0 and the smartphones that will adopt it should be out pretty soon as the platform is expected to debut within the next couple of months.

source: bada World (translated) via IntoMobile



1. haikallp unregistered

Bada has potential when it first emerged but Samsung didn't flourish the opportunity. Instead, they went with Android and now, they are one of the top Android phone manufacturer. I understand, its safer to go with Android since its more widely accepted but leaving Bada users in the dust for months was a mistake on Samsung's part. They promised to bring updates to Bada devices but till now, there are many Wave phones still running Bada 1.0. The development of Bada is too slow. Samsung is too focused on Android and left thier own OS alone. If one day, Android's market share decline, they are in deep trouble. Samsung, its fine to release Android phones, but please improve on YOUR own OS too. God damn, it took them so long to release version 2.0.

2. Ali Azam unregistered

you are rite haikallp.. samsung can make there os much better, so maybe bada will compete in market. but instead of making their own os better, they gone with android.

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