Samsung “Huron” image leaks, Verizon bound Windows Phone

There is an old saying, “When it rains, it pours.” Same could be said about technology leaks, “When it leaks, info flows.” In less than 24 hours, the ever reliable @evleaks shared about the Samsung SM-W750V Windows Phone for Verizon, looking like a Galaxy S.

Shortly thereafter, some benchmark data was posted about the device, revealing a quad-core Snapdragon CPU and Adreno 305 GPU to manage things for the user.

Looking at the black and white press render of this device, just leaked by the aforementioned @evleaks, it does look a little bit like a Galaxy S from the days of yore. Added to the description was, “Windows Phone 8.1-powered.” That is a strong indicator that we may see this device make an appearance with the announcement of Windows Phone 8.1 which should see some exposure at Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference.

With “Huron,” there are no visual surprises at all. It is instantly recognizable as a Samsung device with a home button, power/lock key on the right and volume rocker on the left. The front camera and sensors line right up too.

How about it Windows Phone fans? Will this new Samsung grab your attention?

source: @evleaks (Twitter)



1. giani

Posts: 269; Member since: Nov 13, 2012

U beauty, pure innovation :))...however if it doesn't have the fake leather I'm not going even to consider it.

2. GeekMovement unregistered

Verizon needs to stop the logo plastering.

5. tedkord

Posts: 17464; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

Never gonna happen.

3. Caukerzee

Posts: 36; Member since: Jul 02, 2013

Best ever.

4. NokiaFTW

Posts: 2072; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

Resembles the Galaxy S3. Still, looks pretty sexy.

6. Diego!

Posts: 880; Member since: Jun 15, 2009

Samsung Galaxy S4, Windows Phone 8.1 edition. Go get it! xD

7. bakarock

Posts: 57; Member since: Aug 29, 2013

wtf with start butter.. fugly, just use capacitive button and it wil be awesome

8. papss unregistered

Its to bad this is so under powered. SS should have brought their A game.

9. PapaSmurf

Posts: 10457; Member since: May 14, 2012

Sooooo all Lumias before sporting a S4 are under powered now?

10. papss unregistered

Boat just left my friend... they need to be on par with the rest in said ecosystem in order to compete for my money.

11. PapaSmurf

Posts: 10457; Member since: May 14, 2012

Like many of you WP users said - it doesn't need horsepower, right?

12. NokiaFTW

Posts: 2072; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

It doesn't. But most people while buying a smartphone are only interested in the specs for the price they are paying. They don't care if the OS needs or doesn't such specs. Hence, Samsung should produce a WP with a 1080p display and a quad core CPU.

14. PapaSmurf

Posts: 10457; Member since: May 14, 2012

Only one phone in the WP8 world has modern specs. One.

15. papss unregistered

By the time this comes out there will be others.

16. PapaSmurf

Posts: 10457; Member since: May 14, 2012

Yet it perform just as smooth as the 1520 when it comes to navigating around the OS. In gaming (for the games that are available), that's a different story.

13. papss unregistered

Again you missed the point.. I'm not going back over it again..

17. XperiaOptimusOne unregistered

I don't know. I've always identified WP with Nokia. WP on a Samsung (or any other OEM) feels awkward.

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