Samsung Hub is "going away" says company executive

Samsung Hub is "going away" says company executive
Samsung Hub, a mainstay of Samsung smartphones and tablets, could be on the way out. The purveyor of books, music, video and apps is a competitor to the Google Play Store, which also offers the same things. Some believe that Google has made a point of asking Samsung to tone things down with the gimmicky apps and Samsung Hub might be a casualty of this request. Philip Berne, marketing manager for technical media, says that "Samsung Hub is going away."

Supposedly, after Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and Samsung Galaxy TabPRO tablets, Google called Samsung into the principal's office and told the manufacturer to tone down the modifications to Google's mobile OS. It seems that the powers that be at Google were upset with Sammy's Magazine UI because of the Windows-esque look the UI offers. Additionally, the UI cannot be turned off by users.

Most owners of Samsung devices aren't interested in the company's bloatware, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 did not come with Samsung Hub installed out of the box. Berne, for his part, isn't sure when it will be officially killed off. Until that happens, users of future Samsung devices will probably have to download Hub on their phone or tablet, if they want it.

source: SamMobile via TechRadar

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