Samsung Hercules photo leaks with T-Mobile branding

Samsung Hercules photo leaks with T-Mobile branding
T-Mobile customers have gone from being pitied to being envied. When word first broke that the Samsung Galaxy S II was coming to the States, it at first appeared as though all of the top four carriers were covered except for T-Mobile. Now it appears that the nation's fourth largest carrier could be getting the biggest and best prize of them all with a variant of the Galaxy S II called the Samsung Hercules. While we had questioned whether or not the Hercules would be the Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile, a picture of the back of the unit with both T-Mobile and Samsung Galaxy S II branding would seem to confirm that both models are one and the same.

What makes T-Mobile customers smile is the larger 4.5 inch display on the Hercules. Touchwiz is running over Android and a source for Tmo News says that not only is the phone "fast, fast and fast", the calendar, messaging and email apps are "amazing" and beat what is available on stock Android. Those who love to use their handsets for streaming movies will be happy to know that Netflix is pre-installed and apparently is working great.

So instead of feeling sorry for T-Mobile customers, you might end up envious of them, although to be fair, we haven't really seen what the other carriers' version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will look like completely.

source: TmoNews, Pocketnow

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