Samsung introduces a 4G LTE version of the Gear S3 Classic

The Gear S3 is one of the most successful smartwatches outside of the Apple Watch, and it comes in two flavors: both are almost equally big and imposing, masculine timepieces with some slight differences. The Gear S3 classic ships with a less rugged look and a leather band, while the S3 frontier has a more sporty look, with textured buttons and a rubber strap. Up until today, the S3 frontier was also the only one that you could opt to get with cellular data on board. 

This changes today as Samsung officially announces that the Gear S3 classic will get a 4G LTE-enabled model that will work with carriers.

A 4G LTE smartwatch is a great thing to have: it is completely independent from your smartphone, meaning that it uses its own connection to update weather info and notifications, and you can even place and receive calls straight on the watch, even when your phone is not around. The new data-toting S3 classic will work on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. The one-number solution offered by many carriers, also mean that calls and texts will automatically get transferred to the same number on your watch.

New features for the LTE Gear S3 classic include a quick gesture to accept or reject calls, by just turning the rotating watch bezel.

Currently, both the Gear S3 frontier and S3 classic sell for $350 for the non-LTE model, while the 4G LTE version of the S3 frontier retails for $400. We guess this will also be the price of the S3 classic 4G LTE model when it becomes avialable




Posts: 1459; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

S3 classic is the way to go....... Too bad it doesn't have android wear 2.0 versions.

2. TechieXP1969

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Other than Android Wear has more OEM support and dev support and more apps, I dont know if that is a real benefit. For me, apps on a watch for anything beyond fitness related options, are terrible. I did purchase one from Moto and the watch itself is nice. But apps just suck on such a tiny display and I ended up opening the phone more vs using the watch itself. I ended up gifting it. The Gear S3 is really cool, because it knows automatically when I am walking, running or riding my bike. I tried to install a couple games and other apps, but to me its pointless. Which is why I think none of thee should cost more tahn $100 and maybe as much as $150 with cellular. But I dont make calls with it, I dont answer calls with it. So even with cellular, its just redundant. Its only benefit is when I ride and I dont take my phone. I can still have my music, get my calls, track my workout and get my texts. That is enough for me. I have no plans to buy another Gear as I have 3, the original 2 and 3 and basically they haven't changed much and other than a design change, I dont see the Gear S4 bringing anything great to the table. I think SmartWatches came out the box, as a failure to begin with because its advanced functions are redundant and not unique.


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Fitness apps are why I mentioned Android wear 2.0 . If not for this reason I would love the S3 watch.

4. MrElectrifyer

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Would be great to get one of these as a gift with the purchase of a Note 8...Samsung's generosity with gifts for using the device like you already do is part of what made the Exynos Note 7 so easy for me to justify compared to cheaper devices like the OnePlus 3.

5. Naytess

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(sigh) Sprint compatibility. Tragic. Unsurprising.

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