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Samsung Galaxy handset mistaken for a gun, closes college

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Samsung Galaxy handset mistaken for a gun, closes college
Students at California State University, Long Beach, were in for a scare on Tuesday when their mobile devices crackled to life with the notification that an armed suspect was seen in the area of Engineering Technology. Students were told to calmly evacuate the campus, lock and blockade the doors, and silence cellphones while the cops "are engaging this threat".

You could imagine the fear that students felt. Unfortunately, the image of seeing a campus paralyzed by fear is one that has been replayed on television too many times. But the good news is that no one was hurt at Cal State. In fact, the 'perp' didn't even have a gun. What happened was that a construction worker's Samsung Galaxy handset was mistaken for a weapon. Hard to see where that mistake could have been made, but we are thankful that this didn't end up turning out badly like many of these situations do.

Warning sent to CSU students (T), tweet from LA Times reporter

source: @CSULB, @anblanx via Gizmodo

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