Samsung Galaxy S7 demand on the rise as many Note 7 owners choose to get one instead

Samsung has just made the second Galaxy Note 7 recall official, but most carriers and retail partners have already started to offer full refunds or free replacement phones to those who bought the phone and decided to heed the company's warning to turn it in.

Despite the fact that analysts predict a serious fallout in terms of trust towards Samsung's brand, many Galaxy Note 7 owners have decided to replace it with another smartphone made by the same company.

And since the next best thing to own from Samsung's portfolio is the Galaxy S7, it appears that 90% of customers returning the Note 7 chose to replace it for free with the S7 edge. The information has been confirmed by channel retailers in Taiwan, but the situation might be similar in other countries as well, including the United States.

Although Samsung reportedly decided to ramp up production of the Galaxy S7, many carriers and retailers have already depleted their inventory and are now waiting for new shipments to arrive.

In Taiwan, Samsung confirmed that those who bought the Galaxy Note 7 can head to any retail partner or carrier in the country and ask for a full refund or a free replacement phone. Customers who choose the S7 edge or the Note 5 will receive a $95 gift certificate.

Since the Galaxy Note 7 is much more expensive than any of these two Samsung phones, consumers will also get a refund in any-price gap, which is usually between $125-$155 for the S7 edge, and between $125-$220 for the Galaxy Note 5.


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