Samsung Galaxy S6 leak turns out to be fake

Samsung Galaxy S6 leak turns out to be fake
A leaked photograph allegedly showing a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S6, was circulated throughout the internet on Tuesday. With extremely thin bezels, the picture supposedly showed the results of Samsung's Project Zero, a redesign of its flagship handset from scratch. But before you decide whether or not you like the looks of the phone, we should tell you one important thing. The picture is a fake.

As it turns out, the leaked photo supposedly showing off the Samsung Galaxy S6 is actually a photoshopped picture of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. You can see in a side-by-side comparison that the fingers holding the "Galaxy S6" are the exact same fingers seen on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha photograph, and are also in the same exact position.

In addition, the fake photoshopped device looks too similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be legit. If Project Zero is a complete redesign of Sammy's flagship from scratch, we wouldn't expect it to look like anything else the manufacturer has produced before.

source: Toptienmobiel (translated), NWE (translated)

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