Samsung Galaxy S5 may come with a multi-party video conferencing feature

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When it comes to Samsung and is products, hardly anyone could argue that the South Korean giant's software is one of the most feature-filled out there. TouchWiz, Samsung's take on Android, touts massively diverse features such as Air Gestures, Air View, S Talk, S Health and a mind-numbing amount of others. Despite the arguable usefulness of some, however, there's certainly some truth to the idea that quite a few are actually nothing more than gimmicks that serve mostly to help the sales pitch of Sammy's marketing minds.

But not this time around, as a new patent filing outlines a new multi-party video conferencing feature, much alike to Hangouts. What's unknown is whether the feature will become a part of an existing app, such as Sammy's ChatOn, or it'll be integrated right into the core of TouchWiz. In the case of ChatOn, you already can video chat, but only with one person, which is an unfortunate limitation that really makes no sense nowadays.

In any case, we'll be keeping tabs on Samsung and its patent filings, as we're more than sure that the Seoul-based company will have a ton of new features in time for the introduction of the next Galaxy flagship.

source: KIPRIS via SamMobile


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