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Galaxy S20's Single Take: What is it and how to use it

Single Take walkthtrough
One of the new signature features of the Galaxy S20 series is actually a software feature that utilizes the camera prowess of Samsung's spring chickens. Although it might sound like a pretty minor feature, Single Take is being heavily pushed as an important part of the Galaxy S20 experience, as it resides on the main camera mode tray, circumventing previous heavy-hitters like Night Mode and Live Focus by default. Don't worry - these are nestled within the "More" hub. 

But what is Single Take, exactly?  

Single Take is available on all three S20 phones and allows you to just hold the camera shutter while the phone will shoot photos and videos with all of the cameras, and then magically pull out the best shots and moments in one album. It works best when you do something fun, jump or scream, be creative, and capture it. You will automatically get a short movie, a few GIF like funny animations, a bunch of stylized photos and a lot more in just one take. Samsung says it uses AI, but it’s a really great way to capture a moment and see it as if it was captured from a crowd of people everyone with their own unique view.

Have in mind that pictures taken with single take might be of slightly inferior quality compared to regular images taken with the traditional "Photo" camera mode. Your mileage may vary, of course.

So, how to make the best out of Single Take? Here's how.

How to make use of Single Take

Step #1.

Open the camera app and tap on Single Take.

Step #2.

Press the shutter button and start capturing. You can try slightly different angles as the app suggests. Once finished, Single Take will display all of the resulting videos and pictures.

Step #3. 

To delete all images and videos, tap "Delete" on any of the videos or pictures Single Take took, and promptly enable the toggle that pops up next.

Finally, here's a neat example of how Single Take is awesome. We took this video the very first time we were handed an S20 Ultra, and the results speak for themselves:

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