Samsung Galaxy S IV rumor: expect 1080p, not an "unbreakable" display

Samsung Galaxy S IV rumor: expect 1080p, not an "unbreakable" display
The general consensus seems to be that we'll see the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S IV released around April, so there is bound to be a good amount of speculation over the device features during the next couple of months. One main point seems to be in figuring out what to expect from the display. The newest rumors are saying earlier reports are wrong, and that we should expect 1080p, but not an "unbreakable" display.

There has been a lot of chatter recently about flexible displays, or as they are bound to be marketed, "unbreakable" displays, and there has been a report saying that Samsung will be first out of the gate with a flexible display device. Unfortunately, people in the know are saying that the technology just isn't ready yet, and so there is little chance that it would make it into the Galaxy S IV, especially with the expected launch just a few months away. 

Of course, starting with the HTC DROID DNA, it looks like 1080p is the new standard for flagship devices, so that's almost a certainty for the Galaxy S IV. But, it looks like it may be more reasonable to expect the Galaxy Note III to have a flexible display, since that device likely won't be out until later in the year. 

source: The Verge

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