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Samsung Galaxy S III coming to T-Mobile, evidence suggests

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Samsung Galaxy S III coming to T-Mobile, evidence suggests
There is a Samsung smartphone out there bearing the model name SGH-T999, and we now think we know what device we are actually dealing with. At first it was presumed that the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G was behind that model name, and later the yet-nonexistent Samsung Galaxy Nexus for T-Mobile, but neither of this two speculations was on the right track. In fact, it is now believed that the Samsung SGH-T999 is actually a Samsung Galaxy S III model for T-Mobile.

Here is why: there is a Samsung Galaxy S III hands-on video online taking a quick look at the AllShare feature that comes with the device, along with some other gimmicks from Samsung. Interestingly, among the devices listed in the application are three Galaxy S III units, as indicated by the SGH-i9300 model name, and the aforementioned SGH-T999, which might very well be a Galaxy S III variant for T-Mobile, if our intuition is not mistaken. Either way, the device given that model name is surely bound for T-Mobile, as indicated by the "T" in front of the three digits.

Samsung Galaxy S III possibly coming to T-Mobile
That the Samsung Galaxy S III is coming to the U.S. in June is a given fact, although no U.S. carrier has yet announced plans to offer the smartphone. While the Samsung Galaxy S was available through all four major U.S. carriers, a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II was present on the shelves on only three of them, since Verizon preferred to launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus instead.

The hands-on video in question is embedded below, and the evidence is present right after the 5:53 mark, so feel free to check it out for yourself. Does a potential Samsung Galaxy S III launch on T-Mobile get you excited?

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