Samsung Galaxy Note 8: here is what's in the box


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is here and you can pre-order yours tomorrow, on August 24th, but what will you get in the box?

Samsung helps us answer that question with an official unboxing, well at least on picture that is.

The image above shows customers what they get inside the box once they receive their brand new Note 8. Here is what you can find in the box:

1. Device with S Pen
2. Tweezer and Pen nibs
3. USB power adaptor
4. Micro USB connector
5. USB connector (USB Type-C)
6. USB cable
7. Ejection pin
8. Earphones

You can notice a few weird things (for those who have not owned a Note before): why do you need tweezers, for instance?! The answer to that question is simple - you can replace the tips on your S Pen, and in order to pull the existing tips before replacing it with a new one, you can use the conveniently provided tweezer.

Another neat bonus that you get with the Note 8 are a pair of black AKG earbuds, with audio output fine-tuned by the engineers at AKG. The earbuds come with a mid-sized rubber tip installed, but you also get a large and small-sized rubber tip that you can use if that better fits your ears.

You also get two neat adaptors. One is a microUSB to USB-C adaptor and the other one - a standard USB-A to USB-C, which allows you to hook up a flash drive to your Note 8.

Last, but not least, Samsung includes an Adaptive Fast Charge wall brick for charging your device. And that's it!

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