Samsung Galaxy J budget line to get fingerprint scanners

Samsung Galaxy J budget line to get fingerprint scanners
While the big news of the day is the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+, there is some news related to the low-end Samsung Galaxy J series. Prices of fingerprint scanners have dropped precipitously, which means that even budget priced handsets like the Galaxy J series can include a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone and verify identity. According to one industry source, "Samsung is in talks with fingerprint module suppliers. The production is expected to start from May." These handsets will be available starting in the second quarter of this year.

Samsung's reason to add fingerprint scanners to the line will allow those with a Galaxy J model to employ mobile payment system Samsung Pay when making a purchase. In India, per capita annual income in 2013 was just $1500. Samsung's top selling handsets in the country all belong to the Galaxy J line. Thus, it is no coincidence that Samsung just launched Samsung Pay for the Indian market while it adds a biometric reader for this series.

Overall, 100 million units of Samsung Galaxy J handsets are sold each year, and the price range for these models range from $179-$269 USD.

source: TheInvestor via AndroidAuthority


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