Samsung readying yet another 5G-enabled mid-range smartphone

Samsung readying yet another 5G-enabled mid-range smartphone
There's still plenty of room in the 5G smartphone market, especially when it comes to mid-range phones that offer blazing-fast data speeds. Samsung's Galaxy A51 was one of the first 5G smartphones in the mid-tier segment that made its debut in the United States.

It looks like Samsung was quite content with the success of the phone, or perhaps the South Korean company is just tenacious in its attempt to conquer the middle segment of the 5G market. Samsung has yet another mid-range 5G smartphone in the pipeline and it's a direct sequel to the Galaxy A51.

As per GalaxyClub's report, Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy A52 5G as early as December. Unfortunately, apart from the fact that it packs a quad-camera setup that includes a 64-megapixel main sensor, little else is know about the Galaxy A52 5G at the moment.

Also, the Galaxy A52 5G will feature a macro camera, but the size of the sensor remains a mystery for now. We'll most likely learn more about Samsung's upcoming 5G mid-range smartphone in the coming weeks as the Galaxy A52 5G starts showing up in benchmarks, so stay tuned.

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