Samsung GALAXY Nexus gets mentioned by a Verizon app

Samsung GALAXY Nexus gets mentioned by a Verizon app
Are you excited about the U.S. launch of the Samsung GALAXY Nexus? Well, so are a lot of impatient Android fans, which is why even the tiniest bit of news that we have about this high-end smartphone sparks interest.

Not that it is anything earth-shattering, but the Samsung GALAXY Nexus is mentioned in the description of a Verizon app, Verizon Messages, to be precise. It is also said that the device is coming soon, but that, of course, is something that we've known for a while already.

Interestingly, the smartphone is referred to as Samsung Nexus instead of Samsung GALAXY Nexus, but we suppose that is simply a mistake rather than a sign that the device will really launch under that name. It is strange, however, that others (ahem, Best Buy) have also been having troubles referring to the smartphone with its proper name

While the Samsung GALAXY Nexus is expected to be launched by Verizon pretty soon, the folks in Europe have been enjoying playing with the device for several days now. And if you still don't know what makes the smartphone so anticipated, feel free to check out our Samsung GALAXY Nexus preview.

Thanks, Austin!

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