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Samsung's best wireless charger: Wireless Charger Stand 15 W review

Samsung's best wireless charger: Wireless Charger Stand 15 W review


The Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Stand (15 W) does pretty much what it says on the tin — it supports up to 15 W fast wireless charging, which is the most powerful Samsung has to offer. You can use it with any Qi standard smartphone, but not all of them will get the full 15 W — that depends on the handset itself.

It’s not exactly pretty to look at but it’s practical and its fans make virtually no noise. It’ll do just fine both on a work desk and on a nightstand.


The Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Stand comes in just a couple of colors — matte black or white. It’s stable and feels well-built and will hold pretty much any contemporary smartphone you put on it. We tested it with the phone in both vertical and horizontal positions — the charger still works with the same speed.

It will not, however, juice up anything with a smaller case. For example, the Apple AirPods wouldn’t charge when placed on the stand. This is simply because the coil is placed a bit too high for the tiny charger case to reach when it’s laid in a resting position on the stand.

The device’s industrial looks definitely won’t blend with your furniture unless it’s placed in a tech corner or on your computer desk. It has a fan which is completely noiseless, yet it does a good job of keeping both the charger and the phone cool during the charging process.

Charging speeds

We tested the charger with a few popular smartphones. The Samsung Wireless Charger is compatible with iPhone, LG phones and other Qi standard smartphones. Here is the charging time we got with it (starting from 0% charge):

It is the fastest wireless charger for Samsung phones, but as you can see, it is still not as hasty as a good ol’ wallplug charge, especially for iPhone or LG phones. The Wireless Charger Stand works through cases and it does not slow down at all.


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